With the start of the new year, I am resuming a regular blogging schedule. I might not post as much as in the past, but will have regular updates. The look of the blog will also be changing a little as it migrates to WordPress from whatever I am using now. 

One new feature that I will start this year will be keeping score of Mississippi Appellate decisions similar to what Ed Sanders was doing with his Bottom Line. I plan to add a bit of detail to the scoreboard by tallying the number of reversed plaintiff and defense verdicts instead of just total affirmed and reversed verdicts. I suspect that what we will see is that Mississippi’s appellate courts, in general, affirm defense verdicts and reverse plaintiff verdicts. But we’ll see.  

As far as Mississippi litigation news, there was a defense verdict the week before Christmas in a Harrison County medical malpractice trial. The case involved a 7-year old child having a tooth dislodge during a procedure and going into the lung. The child was rushed to New Orleans for removal of the tooth. 

Joe Sam Owen of Gulfport represented the plaintiff and Bill Whitfield of Gulfport represented the defendant. 

I’m sure the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter will cover the verdict in an upcoming issue. 

Happy New Year.

  • Pieter T

    Thank you, Philip, for continuing this wonderful blog. Many of us appreciate your committment to even more information, your timely scoops, and dry sarcasm.
    Any comment on LSU coaching during the Chik-Fil-A Bowl? I think Les lost the game on purpose so as not to conflict with his Raising Cane’s contract. . .

  • Jim Galloway

    @ Pieter: What LSU coaching during the Atlanta bowl game?

  • Pieter T

    Jim, uhhhhh, you got me on that one!
    Lost Gap, thank you for that post. Didn’t know about the site.

  • Anderson

    Regarding MSSC statistics:
    The MSSC used to issue annual reports that were interesting for # of cases heard, cert petitions granted, etc.
    Under the leadership of Waller, however, there hasn’t been one posted to the MSSC website since the 2009 report.
    One might have imagined that a court so devoted to lobbying for pay raises might have cared to let the public know what it was doing. Guess not.

  • Lost Gap

    The MSSC does issue the annual report. I don’t think it is online. It doesn’t give very much information.

  • Anderson

    Well, it was online until after 2009, and in this day & age I’m not sure what good a report is that isn’t posted.
    I agree it’s not hugely informative, but one can do something with the data.