This blog went live four years ago today. It’s been….uh….interesting

The topic that I am proudest of is the coverage of the A&O Life Funds scandal. The scam was still active when I started writing about it. Judging by the whining I got from agents who were selling for A&O, the coverage here saved some people from investing in the scam and losing their savings.  Anyone who googled A&O found this blog, where I suggested that it was a scam.

In 2011 I suggested that A&O should be an episode on the CNBC documentary American Greed. Guess what? It is.

I got word yesterday that the A&O scandal will be covered in an episode of American Greed scheduled to air on March 14 at 9:00 p.m. Mississippi time. I hope Adley, Mackert and the rest of the gang can watch it from prison.