There was a 11-1 defense verdict in a silica trial in Jones County on April 3.

The case was Pierce v. American Optical.

Silas McCharen with Daniel Coker in Jackson represented the defendant.

Patrick Malouf and Allen Smith of Ridgeland represented the plaintiff.

Judge Billy Joe Landrum presided in the case.

  • If that’s the one I heard about last week, the court berated the jury for its verdict.

  • Roland Tembo

    In unrelated news, the MSSC handed down one of the more amusingly titled decisions I’ve seen in a while:

    One 1970 Mercury Cougar, VIN #0F9111545940; One 1992 Ford Mustang, VIN #FACP44E4NF173360; One Ford Mustang; and $355.00 U.S. Currency v. Tunica County, Mississippi

    • 4-justice cert grant, anyway. But they just might be a match for Tunica County.

  • sammy edmondson

    Joe Baladi and Walter Johnson of Watkins & Eager had American Optical, the other defendant. Don’t forget to show them some love.

    • Am. Optical is the only defendant Philip listed. Who’s the other one?

      • Amy

        Silas is counsel for Dependable Abrasives. Walter johnson, joe Baladi, and Corey Hinshaw represent American optical