Last week I blogged about a $5 million verdict in a medical malpractice trial in Coahoma County. Here is more information on the verdict.

The case was Long v. Hadidi. The plaintiffs were Stephanie and Donald Long. The defendant was Dr. Faseeh Hadidi, a neurologist.

Dr. Hadidi was called in to do a Neurology consult on Mrs. Long after she had been admitted to the hospital (Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center). Plaintiffs contended that because of her history, physical symptoms and the results of a cervical CT scan, she should have been transferred to Memphis for an MRI and a surgery to remove a herniated disk. Instead, she was sent home. Three days later, she was a quadriplegic. She was then airlifted to Memphis where a diskectomy and fusion was performed.

Plaintiffs’ expert was a physician from Cornell in N.Y. The Defendant testified on his own behalf and Dr. Moses Jones (a neurosurgeon) testified for the defense.

The trial lasted seven days. The verdict was 9-3 after deliberations that stretched over parts of two days.

Damages rendered in the verdict were:

  • $4.05 million in economic damages for medical bills, last wages, loss of household services and her life care plan;
  • $850,000 for pain and suffering;
  • $100,000 for loss of consortium.

The total verdict was $5 million.

Todd Jeffreys of Cleveland and Dennis Sweet of Jackson represented the plaintiffs. Tommie Williams and Clint Guenther with Upshaw Williams in Greenwood represented the Defendant.

Circuit Judge Johnnie Walls, Jr. presided in the case.