Diederich Healthcare has published this analysis of nationwide medical malpractice payouts for 2012 as reflected by the National Practitioner Data Bank.

In general, the report notes that there has been a steady drop in medical malpractice payouts nationwide since 2001. The report identifies Mississippi as having some of the lowest payouts in the nation in terms of total payouts and payouts on a per capita basis. 

Per capita, medical malpractice payouts in Mississippi were $4.17. The only states with lower per capita payouts were Texas, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

By comparison, New York had the highest per capita payouts at $38.99. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania also had per capita payouts of over $20.00.

In addition, five states represent 48% of all payouts. (Florida, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and New York). This stat is interesting, but I find the per capita stat more meaningful, since the overall population of these states is so high.

My Take:

Mississippi’s status as a low payout state is not surprising to regular readers of this blog or the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter.

It’s interesting that the top ten states in per capita payouts are all blue states (voted for Obama in 2012 election) and all the bottom ten states are red states except for Wisconsin, Vermont and Nevada.

Unsurprising, but interesting.