Last week the Mississippi Court of Appeals reversed and rendered an Adams County jury verdict of $1,979,182 in Isle of Capri Casino, Inc. v. Silver Land, Inc. Here is the opinion.

This was a breach of contract case where a casino and another company litigated over the ATM rights in riverboat casinos. The Circuit Court granted partial summary judgment for the plaintiff and a jury rendered a verdict for the damages amount.

In a 6-2 split, the Court of Appeals reversed and rendered, finding that the trial court should have granted summary judgement for the casino.

The decision was a straight contract interpretation with the main argument focusing on what “assignee” means. If that sounds like a dull issue, it’s because it is.

Judge Griffis wrote the majority opinion. Judge Carlton wrote the dissent. Judge Irving partially joined both opinions with no explanation why.

Scotty Welch, Amy Champagne, James Shelson and Benjamin Robinson represented the winning defendant. April Freeman, Walter Brown, Whit Rayner and Kaytie Pickett represented the plaintiff. Let’s hope they weren’t on contingency.

My Take:

This case goes to show that at the end of the day, the house always wins.

I like Judge Irving’s unexplained joining both opinions in part. If I ever get on the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court, I may try to do that in every case. Surely both sides usually get at least something right.