On October 30, 2013 a Bolivar County Circuit Court jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in Melvin v. Cleveland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC. 

The plaintiff’s family member resided at the nursing home for six weeks in 2008. He developed a stage II pressure ulcer while at the nursing home.

Plaintiff claimed that the nursing staff failed to apply preventive skin care and failed to turn the resident every two hours. Plaintiff also contended that the resident suffered dehydration as a result of not being offered sufficient fluids.

The nursing home defended the case with evidence that preventive skin care was provided every day. The nursing home argued that turning and repositioning is not charted every time it is done. Finally, defendant contended that fluids were encouraged and provided daily.

Levi Boone III and Kelvin Pulley of Boone Law Firm in Cleveland, MS represented the Plaintiff. Brad Smith, Barry Ford and Clay Gunn of Baker Donelson’s Jackson office represented the defendant.

These were basically the same legal teams that tried a nursing home case in Bolivar County in September that resulted in a Plaintiff’s verdict, as mentioned in this post.

Judge Al Smith presided in the case.

Other info.:

There is a big difference in a stage II pressure sore and a stage IV pressure sore. To see the difference, run a Google image search on “stage II pressure sore” and “stage IV pressure sore.”

Pressure ulcer staging is explained here.