Ever since Edward Sanders ended his Bottom Line service, there has been a glaring need for a free blog devoted exclusively to Miss. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions. A few weeks ago, Jackson lawyer Jane Tucker launched her Jane’s Law Blog, which fills this void.

Readers who enjoy this blog and other blogs that cover Mississippi legal news should appreciate Jane’s efforts.

I can tell you, as a blogger, that attempting to read and write about all the two appellate courts’ decisions would be a monumental task. It would involve many hours of work every week. So be sure to send Jane an email thanking her for her service if you use her blog. Because words of appreciation are all us bloggers get for this.

This also leads to a related subject. I receive a lot of suggestions about cases to cover on this blog. I wish that I could write about every topic that I hear about, but I can’t. Two or three posts per week is about my limit. And often times some stories are just too complicated for me to dissect and write about due to my case load.

There is plenty of room for more legal bloggers in Mississippi. It’s rewarding as long as your measuring stick for “rewarding” is something other than money. And if it’s not, it should be.