Less than two weeks after blogging about the Southern District’s division realignment, Jackson lawyer Philip Thomas filed a notice of service of discovery listing the old division.

On January 2, Thomas blogged about there no longer being a Hattiesburg Division in the Southern District. But less than two weeks later on January 13, Thomas filed a notice of service of discovery in a case listing “Hattiesburg” as the division. The following day, the clerk issued the following docket annotation:

DOCKET ANNOTATION as to Doc. 24 : Incorrect division listed. Attorney is advised to use new division name in future filings. (DM) (Entered: 01/14/2014)

One can only imagine what the clerks office thought: “we’re not surprised. Lawyers are morons when it comes to basic, everyday, walking and chewing gum at the same time type stuff.”

Meanwhile, Thomas worried that he would make the same screw-up again. “I know I’m going to do it again.” Thomas said, “I mean, other than Bill Reed, who even reads stuff on pleadings like the division and certificate of service? For all I know, all the pleadings I’ve filed in the last ten years have listed the case as being in the ‘Vegas’ division.”

Reed, who mentored Thomas for seven years at Baker Donelson, confirmed that he often had to edit certificate of service “drafted” by Thomas.