On January 14, 2014 a federal court jury in Oxford rendered a $18,000 verdict in Gray v. City of Bruce.

Here is the Plaintiff’s Complaint in the case.

Roderick Keith Gray alleged that in 2010 the City of Bruce failed to promote him to the position of Public Works Director because he is black. Gray was a nineteen year employee of the City and was the only applicant who had state certification to operate the City’s water and waste-water systems. The position was given to a white applicant from out of state.

Following a two day trial, a jury of seven whites and one black found for the plaintiff and rendered a verdict for $18,000 in lost pay. Here is the Verdict.

The case was previously dismissed by the trial court. But the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the case for a trial on the merits.

Jim Waide of Tupelo represented the plaintiff. Gary Friedman and Mark Fijman with Phelps Dunbar in Jackson represented the defendant. Judge Michael Mills presided in the case.