The April 2014 edition of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter is out, with details on the following verdicts:

  • $251,000 jury verdict- Coahoma County slip and fall case mentioned here (3/27/14);
  • $62,722 jury verdict- Hinds County nursing home trial before Judge Tommie Green (2/7/14);
  • $31,180 jury verdict- Harrison County car wreck trial (1/15/14);
  • $30,000 jury verdict- Hancock County uninsured motorist trial (2/6/14);
  • $18,500 combined jury verdict- Jackson federal court 18-wheeler trial mentioned here (2/7/14);
  • defense verdict- Harrison County car wreck case (1/23/14);
  • defense verdict- Warren County slip and fall case (11/13/13);
  • defense verdict- Jackson federal court police excessive force civil rights case (3/5/14); and
  • defense verdict- Hinds County car wreck case before Judge Winston Kidd (2/4/14).

My Take:

One thing I really like about the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter is its impact on the narrative that defendants cannot win trials in Hinds County, particularly when the presiding judge is Judge Tommie Green or Judge Winston Kidd.

This has never really been true. But since defense verdicts or small plaintiff verdicts do not get the publicity, the misinformed have clung to the notion that plaintiffs have a huge advantage in Hinds County.

In truth, Hinds County may be the most level playing field in the state. You see it in focus groups and when viewing the results of all trials–not just the big plaintiff wins.