On June 10, 2014 a Northern District federal court jury rendered a plaintiff verdict of $100,000 in Newcomb v. Corinth School District.

The jury found that the Corinth School District violated the Family and Medical Leave Act by firing Mr. Newcomb when his shoulder injury caused him to miss work. The school district claimed that plaintiff was laid off as part of a reduction in force, but admitted that he was an outstanding employee.

Jim Waide and Rachel Pierce Waide with Waide & Associates in Tupelo represented the plaintiff. Todd Photopulos and Mackin Johnson with Butler Snow represented the school district.

Judge Sharion Aycock presided in the trial.

My Take:

An interesting stat would be the percentage of Northern District civil trials where Waide & Associates represented the plaintiff. They try a lot of cases.

  • Shannon Ragland

    They also tried the trooper race discrimination (they lost that one) last week too in Jackson. They try more cases than anybody by a wide margin. And they win more than they lose. Jim Waide has tried 30 cases (THIRTY) to a jury since 2011.

  • Jane Tucker

    And he’s good. I saw him argue a criminal appeal and he did a great job then.

  • Richard

    Jim Waide is the man. He’s also had four cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, two of which he argued, and all of which he won. Not many solos from Mississippi — or anywhere for that matter — can say that. He is a work of art to watch in front of a jury. The best I’ve ever seen. He may lose on the facts, from time to time, but he will never be outlawyered.