Last week a Hinds County jury rendered a $500,000 verdict in McFarland v. Target Corp. Here is the Verdict Form.

Lesa McFarland alleged that she fell in Target on August 4, 2011 on the See Spot Save dollar aisle. This was a high traffic aisle that was often ransacked with items on the floor because….who doesn’t like the dollar aisle?

McFarland slipped and fell on place-mats that were on the floor. [Sidebar: I need to go check out the dollar place-mats at Target].

Target violated their own safety rules by not using shelf guards in the area to keep the [$1] place-mats from falling on the floor. Even worse, Target “lost” the videotape of the aisle from the time of the fall after documenting in the incident report that the video was secured. [Oops!].

Target blamed the Defendant for falling down and noted that the video cameras on the dollar aisle were fake because video cameras are expensive. [And who would go to the trouble of shoplifting from the dollar aisle?].

The jury awarded $55,000 in past medical expenses, so I assume that was the total amount of medical bills. The total verdict was $490,000 for the plaintiff and $10,000 for her husband on his loss of consortium claim.

Update: I neglected to mention in the original post that the jury apportioned 20% of the fault to the plaintiff, which will reduce the judgement to $400,000.

Rocky Wilkins and Shandra Yates of Jackson represented the Plaintiff. William Reese with Hand Arendall in Mobile represented Target. Judge Winston Kidd presided in the case.

My Take:

Sounds like Target has some good deals on that dollar aisle.