It’s pretty borderline whether I have enough information to post about this verdict, but what the heck.

There was an asbestos drilling mud trial over the last couple of weeks before Circuit Judge Lamar Pickard in Jefferson County. The trial resulted in a $2.5 million verdict, but only 10% of the fault was apportioned to the Defendant Union Carbide. This will presumably lead to a judgment of $250,000.

It’s also my understanding that Judge Pickard denied Plaintiff’s request for a punitive instruction.

Patrick Malouf, Alan Hossley and Dennis Sweet represented the Plaintiff. Forman Perry (not sure who), Robert Johnson and another unknown out-of-state lawyer represented Union Carbide.

My Take:

Hard to tell who won that one. Sounds kind of like a tie.

The Plaintiff might not be excited about a $250,000 verdict in a case with high expenses due to expert witnesses. But it beats a complete loss.

For the Defendant, its $250,000 plus defense costs, which are typically large for that kind of case.

It would be interesting to know if there were any pre-trial settlement negotiations and how the verdict compares to settlement ranges.