On October 17, 2014 a Panola County jury rendered a defense verdict in Thomas v. Beer. The case involved everyone’s favorite cause of action–alienation of affection.

The defendant was an OBGYN who had an affair with a nurse who was married, but had filed for divorce. The evidence included over 1,700 text messages between the the doctor and nurse.

The defendant doctor convinced the jury with arguments that the affections were already alienated due to the plaintiff’s conduct before the nurse filed for divorce and the nurse was the pursuer. [Picture Sheriff Buford T. Justice telling the Bandit what an outstanding pursuee he was].  

Ray Hill, III of Oxford represented the defendant. Robert Schultze and Cory Williamson of Oxford represented the plaintiff.

My Take:

Doctors seem to be the favored target in alienation of affection lawsuits. Perhaps another white-coat day at the capital is in order with doctors threatening to leave the state if the legislature does not protect them from all these alienation of affection lawsuits.