The New York Times reported this week that law schools are desperate for students. From the article:

Summer was waning and students were already packing for the fall semester, but Prof. Daniel B. Rodriguez, dean of the Northwestern University School of Law, was still fielding phone calls from incoming students seeking to bargain down the tuition at the elite school. 

“It’s insane,” Professor Rodriguez said. “We’re in hand-to-hand combat with other schools.”…..

“Students are voting with their feet, and demanding a better deal,” said Professor Rodriguez of Northwestern, who is also president of the Association of American Law Schools. “And they are willing to spend less,” he said, meaning they are seeking the best deal.

My Take:

Outstanding. Snobby law schools that used to have students kicking down the doors now have to beg. 

“Law school black Friday special: we’ll discount your tuition by 10%, give you $500 cash back and you pay no interest for 48 months.”

So what’s a prospective student to do? Negotiate. Make the school a low ball offer and see what happens. They’re desperate.

A good rule of thumb in today’s legal economy climate is to avoid going into debt to attend law school. It’s just not worth the risk that you will be left jobless and owing a thousand dollars or more a month in non-dischargeable law school debt.

And you probably would not like being a lawyer even if you found a job.