On Friday a federal court jury in Jackson rendered a total verdict of $107,100 in Robinson v. JSU and Fuller. 

The plaintiff Fredrick Robinson was the Director of Sports Medicine at Jackson State. He claimed that the Athletic Director (Dr. Vivian Fuller) fired him in retaliation for participating in an EEOC investigation against Fuller. That investigation involved allegations by a department secretary that Fuller made sexual advances toward her. 


JSU and Fuller claimed that they fired Robinson as part of a department reorganization. Fuller denied knowing that Robinson even talked to the EEOC. Testimony at trial revealed that Fuller’s attorneys attended Robinson’s interview with the EEOC.

Here is the breakdown of damages:

  • $7,100- lost wages
  • $25,000- emotional distress
  • $75,000- punitive damages against Fuller only.

Here are the jury’s verdicts on Compensatory Damages  and Punitive Damages.

Plaintiff’s counsel were Jim Waide and Rachel Pierce Waide of Tupelo and Rogen Chhabra and Michael Saltaformaggio of Jackson.

Defense counsel was LaToya Merritt and Jason Marsh of Phelps Dunbar of Jackson.

District Judge Henry Wingate presided in the case. 

  • Jim Halpert

    Fuller seems to be a walking lawsuit. How does she still have a job at JSU?

  • CC Allen
  • Pieter T

    That’s a lot of trial time for the relatively modest verdict; trial started before Christmas. Does anyone know how much Plaintiff sought in closing? Please keep us updated regarding any requests by P’s counsel for attorney fees. Four lawyers dividing that recovery on a contingency after that much trial time makes this a Pyrrhic victory unless the court awards some significant attorney fees.

    Jim, it does make one wonder what the Higher Ed Board thinks about Fuller and the serial litigation. Obviously someone is paying the deductibles, defense fees and expenses, etc. At least four cases, and two looooong trials.

    Are there any winners in this continuing saga?