As reported by TBA, yesterday the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled on the brouhaha between the Hinds County Public Defender’s office and Judge Jeff Weill.

Lest anyone think this was a real fight comes this ABA Journal report on a fight between a judge and public defender in Florida.

The Florida fight involved a “highly unlikable lawyer” and a judge who said:

Sit down. If you want to fight, let’s go out back and I’ll just beat your ass.

The result:

A courtroom deputy who followed Murphy and Weinstock into the hallway last year and separated them, with help from a deputy from anothefightr courtroom, said they had their hands on each other’s chests, pushing, when he got to the hallway.

The result was a $50,000 fine and 120-unpaid vacation suspension for the judge.

My Take:

The Florida combatants were clowns.

They didn’t know how to act like professionals or fight. They acted like children in both endeavors.