Here is a preview of the verdicts detailed in the June issue of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $3,100,103 verdict (reduced to $1,098,603 due to amount already paid)- Madison County eminent domain case (4/30/15);
  • $72,521 verdict- Jackson federal court insurance contract dispute (6/4/15);
  • defense verdict- Jackson federal court antitrust case covered here (5/21/15);
  • defense verdict- DeSoto County car allegedly hits motorcycle case (3/17/15);
  • defense verdict- Monroe County medical malpractice case (1/13/15);
  • defense verdict- Aberdeen federal court truck negligence case (5/27/15); and
  • directed verdict- Lowndes County medical malpractice case (5/18/15).

My Take:

MJVR does a great job of obtaining and publishing pertinent information on the verdicts it covers. This is no easy chore, particularly for state court verdicts in non ECF counties.

The emerging trend in medical malpractice trials I mentioned here continues.

When you google “Mississippi medical malpractice attorneys”, you still see firms targeting the practice area with both pay-per-click advertising and organic search positioning. It’s more firms than I would have guessed based on the litigation climate for medical malpractice. jury

My sense is that most of the advertising firms are “marlin fishing” and have an extremely low volume of med-mal cases.

I do occasionally still hear of med-mal cases settling. It’s just a lot different practice area than it was when I started on the defense side in 1993 and for the next 10-12 years or so. It was a vibrant practice area for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. I find the change interesting.