Last month I wrote here about a $6.5 million federal court bench verdict in an ERISA breach of fiduciary duty case.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Dan Jordan entered this Order awarding the plaintiffs $2,700,459.25 in attorneys fees and $416,052 in expenses. That raises the plaintiffs’ total judgment in the case to almost $10 million.

Included as an exhibit in the briefing on the motion was this 2013 National Law Journal billing survey for large law firms. There are some firms with Mississippi offices on the list.

There are some east coast firms on the list with average partner billing rates of over $1,000 per hour. For the firms with a presence in Mississippi, the average partner hourly rate is in the $400 per hour range. I would put the Mississippi lawyers from the $400 per hour firms up against the $1,000 per hour East Coast lawyers any day of the week.