You know you are a law geek when you get excited reading a book called Typography for Lawyers.


Matthew Butterick’s book first reviewed on this site in 2011 is now out with a second edition. The first edition has a perfect 5 of 5 customer review rating on Amazon with 100 reviews as of this writing.

The new edition includes 20 pages of new material. The new material addresses topics including email, footnotes, presentations, contracts, court opinions and new font recommendations. typography for lawyers

You can really get lawyers worked up discussing footnotes and fonts.

This is a book that should be on all legal professionals’ bookshelf.

Appearance matters in persuasive writing. A document that looks better is easier to read and comprehend. This book teaches lawyers how to make their documents look better.

There are not many books for lawyers that should be considered indispensable. This is one of them.

I’m not seeing the second edition on Amazon yet, but you can buy it here.