We are all excited at my office because we are getting the ultra-fast C-Spire internet service. Our office is located on a corner. A few weeks ago, workers jack-hammered the street all day running the cable. But I couldn’t figure out why they were running the cable to the building on the other side of the street. This week the workers are back with their jackhammers. Yep, they are running the cable to the right building this time.

Every time I hear jackhammers it reminds me of taking the bar exam. It was August 1993. We took the bar exam in the Robert E. Lee building downtown. The room was hot and fraught with tension. And for what seemed like the whole time, there were jackhammers going off outside. Let me tell you, taking the bar exam with jackhammers going off the whole time is not fun. jackhammer

After the bar exam, most of us went our separate ways. That night, one classmate got punched in the face in a bar. By another classmate.

Me and my then wife, who also took the exam, drove to Washington D.C. for a wedding. For two days and 1,000 miles, I had to recount my answers for all 200 questions on the multi-state exam. Usually, her response to my answer was a burst of tears and wailing that “I failed” (she didn’t).

Now, every time I hear a jackhammer I think about the events surrounding taking the bar exam. It sure brings a smile to my face now. But it sure didn’t back then.