The NE Daily Journal reports that the plan of three Tupelo men to rob and kidnap Circuit Judge Paul Funderburk was foiled before it got out of the Huddle House:

Three Lee County men were arrested Monday after law enforcement uncovered a plot to kidnap Circuit Court Judge Paul Funderburk.

According to Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson, a concerned citizen overheard the men talking at a Tupelo restaurant Sunday.

“During the conversation, they were talking about robbing a home owned by Judge Funderburk,” Johnson said. “During the conversation, they said if the judge was at home, they would kidnap him as well.

“The concerned citizen notified authorities. We were able to get surveillance video from the restaurant and interviewed folks to determine the information was credible.”

The quick investigation ended when two suspects were arrested at a local motel. The third man was arrested at a Tupelo residence.

My Take:

Cobra Kai dojo instructor James Dutschke thinks those guys are stupid.

How could that plan go wrong? From planning the heist in a restaurant to targeting a public servant, these guys were not on their criminal game.

Home invasions in Mississippi often don’t go well for the invaders. There seems to be a big home field advantage for the homeowner, who typically comes out blasting and is a better shot than a dope fiend.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that if they had tried this and Judge Funderburk was home, they would not have kidnapped him. A more likely scenario: a couple of dead bad guys with the third “getting away” for about, oh, half an hour.

This may come as news to the criminal element, but most judges who send people to prison take personal security seriously. It’s not going to be much different that trying to rob a cop. You probably have a better odds of pulling off the heist if you just stick up the restaurant you are planning this in.

Here is what I predict these guys will hear a lot of as they adjust to life behind bars: “man, you guys sure are dumb.”