Mikal Watts has a new lawyer in his criminal fraud trial related to the BP Oil Spill Litigation. Watts was represented by Rob McDuff of Jackson. McDuff is one of the most well known and respected criminal lawyers in Mississippi.  He’s top notch.

Watts apparently fired McDuff and replaced him with……himself. Watts’ new lawyer is Watts. Here is District Judge Louis Guirola’s Order.

Trial is now set for July 18, 2016.

My Take:

Wow! Just, wow! There is a saying about the client of a lawyer who represents himself. And we all know how well those pro se litigant trials normally work out for the person representing himself.

I can see it now:

Mr. Watts: Can you please tell the jury where you were on the night of August 4?

Mr. Watts: Excellent question. I was at home with my family.

Mr. Watts: Would you ever sign up a dog for a BP claim?

Mr. Watts: No. I would never do anything stupid.

I’m betting on John Dowdy (prosecutor). He’s trying a case in his own backyard against a Texas lawyer representing himself.

Should be an interesting ineffective assistance of counsel appeal if Watts loses.

Hat tip to Randy Wallace for bringing this to my attention in a comment.