Last week a Jefferson County jury returned a total verdict of $1,036,000 in McManus v. Phillips 66 [yet another one of my many lifetime nicknames, but I digress]. The case was an asbestos drilling mud case. Here is the Verdict.

The verdict reflects the following damages:

  • $36,000- economic
  • $800,000- non-economic
  • $200,000- punitives.

Looks like the only defendant at trial was Union Carbide, to which the jury apportioned 60% fault.

Plaintiff’s counsel included Patrick Malouf, Dennis Sweet, Allen Hossley, and Laurel Li Harris. Union Carbide’s counsel included Robert Johnson, Mike Terry and Marcy Croft.

Circuit Judge Lamar Pickard presided.

My Take:

Who can forget the good old days of Jefferson County litigation before the Supreme Court [and not the legislature] solved the crisis by fixing the joinder rules? Man, those bet the company cases were fun. From the looks of this verdict, even in Jefferson County it’s no longer ‘bet the company.’