headed to the courthouse

The Clarion Ledger reported yesterday on Quick Draw Andy Gibson’s bill that would allow people to bring guns into courthouses.

From the article:

Passage comes a week after a man was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for shooting to death another man outside the Madison County Courthouse.

State Rep. Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, who filed House Bill 571, said the proposal would prevent a judge from issuing an order to prevent a person with an enhanced permit from bringing a gun into a courthouse.

“Some judges are putting orders out to include parking lots,”  Gipson said.

My  Take:

Yea Andy, because unlike banking lawyers, judges actually know courthouses. Judges know what a bad idea it is for people involved in litigation to be armed around their adversaries. Courthouses are where people lose their kids, get the bad end of a divorce or see loved ones sent to prison or the accused acquitted. To say that emotions can run high at courthouses is an understatement.

Think about the Circuit and Chancery courthouses in Jackson. The Circuit courthouse is made out of stone. Bullets would ricochet around the crowded halls. The fact that deputies would be on hand to spray more bullets into the melee does not make me feel better.

Across the street at the Chancery courthouse, the halls are like a maze. Sure hope I don’t look like the dude the guy lying in wait around the corner wants to shoot.

And what about at the Supreme Court? Are people going to be able to stand out in the hall and wave their guns at the justices when the courtroom doors open? clown

Why does the legislature even have a say in courthouse security? The legislature is neither the judicial nor the executive branch.

If the legislature gets to control courthouse security, then the State Supreme Court should pass a rule requiring all lawyers in the legislature to dress like clowns.

What is it with Gibson and his weird wild west fantasies where everyone carries guns all the time?