Microsoft OneNote is indispensable in my practice. While I still maintain traditional (paperless) files, I organize most of my case and practice workflow in OneNote.

In a typical case I have sections for experts, standards-rules, key documents, witnesses, settlement, trial themes and contact notes with opposing and co-counsel. But since I use it so much, sometimes I have trouble locating specific pages that I know I created.

Enter Onetastic. It’s an addin for OneNote created by a Microsoft employee. It has a number of new features for OneNote. You can pick and choose the features on its macro page. But the key feature is OneCalendar.

OneCalendar is a stand-alone tool that provides a calendar view for OneNote that displays the pages on the date you created or last modified them. You can download it as a separate tool and keep it open on your desktop or pin it to your taskbar. Alternatively, you can access it from within OneNote using the Onetastic add-in.

It’s a fantastic addition to OneNote. It’s much easier to find that note I’m looking for because I usually know about when I created it.

Here is how it looks:

OneCalendar screenshot