Regular readers are familiar with my bitching about the health effects of sitting at a desk and working on a computer all day. Sitting all day makes my neck stiff and hurt. My gut feeling is that it’s generally bad for my physical health.

For this reason, I’ve been in the market for a stand-up desk for years. But I always worried about how it would work and whether I would get the height correct. A few weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger on Veridesk.

A Veridesk is height adjustable and is designed to sit on top of an existing table or desk. Being height adjustable means that you can use it from both seated and standing positions. varidesk

I bought the pro-plus 36 ($395) and dual monitor arm ($195). The Varidesk comes already fully assembled and is ready for use. I had to mount the dual monitor arm on the Varidesk and then mount my monitors on the arm. It did not take long to do, and I am not great at assembling things.

I’ve been using it for several weeks and am very pleased. The Varidesk raises and lowers as effortlessly as shown in the website videos.

standing-desk-dual-monitor-arm_main-4Some days I stand all day. Some days I stand most of the day, but move back and forth between standing and sitting. I’m still working on the schedule that works best for me.

One thing to be aware of if you are buying one is the space requirement. I planned to put the Veridesk on my credenza where I used to have my monitors. But the credenza was too narrow and I had to move it to my desk. It was worth it, but it is better to know it will fit where you want to put it before you order.

The monitor arms are expensive for a hardware item. But they are Cadillacs. I had a monitor arm on my credenza and these are much better. I would recommend these monitor arms independent of the Varidesk.

You may think you don’t need monitor arms and you may not. But you need them if you want the monitors the same distance from your eyes when you are standing vs. sitting. You are probably going to like monitor arms if you have never tried them.

If you plan to stand most of the day, you might also consider a cushioned mat like this one.

I can tell a big difference in my neck and shoulders since I started using the Varidesk. On the downside, the ache in my hips and legs from standing all day remind me that I am long past my time working as a hotel front desk clerk where I stood for entire eight hour shifts.

I am now a big proponent of attorneys having a stand-up desk option and endorse Varidesk for it.