The bad news keeps pouring in for lawyers with these latest headlines:

From the Times article:

Mr. Acosta is just one of tens of thousands of recent law school graduates caught up in a broad transformation of the legal profession. While demand for other white-collar jobs has grown substantially since the start of the recession, law firms and corporations are finding they can make do with far fewer in-house lawyers than before, squeezing those just starting their careers.

Here in Jackson, 2016 seems to be a shake out year. Firm breakups and downsizing are going on that points to fewer lawyers and staff at the big firms. That’s going to lead to increased competition for lawyers who do personal injury, family law and other practice areas that lawyers outside big firms focus on.

These pressures will in turn lead to more anxiety and depression for lawyers who are worried about their future.

  • Mediumlaw attorney

    Things will get worse for lawyers in Mississippi before they get better. Litigation is painfully slow. Firms from out of state continue to bring and defend cases in our borders. As Mississippi’s economy continues to falter, the legal profession will continue to suffer.

    The bottom line is we are a tiny market with far too many lawyers. Law school enrollment is down significantly over the last peak, but there are still far more graduates than jobs each year. Something has to give at some point, but nobody seems to know what. Maybe MC should shut down.