On Thursday U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves further gutted HB 1523 with this 60 page decision: Barber v. Bryant opinion.

I will have more on Judge Reeves’ opinion next week.

Meanwhile, according to this Jackson Free Press article Attorney General Jim Hood is not geeked up about losing the case again on appeal:

“In consideration of the individual rights of all our citizens, the state’s current budget crisis and the cost of appeal, I will have to think long and hard about spending taxpayer money to appeal the case against me. An appeal could cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars…..Because of the huge tax breaks handed out to big corporations by these same leaders, the state is throwing mentally ill patients out on the street. This is hardly protecting the least among us as Jesus directed.”

Meanwhile, JFP reports that Gov. Ross Barnett Phil Bryant is looking forward to filing an appeal motion to lose again:

Predictably, the injunction upsets Gov. Phil Bryant, who said in a statement he looks forward to an “aggressive appeal” of the decision, the Associated Press reported.

The same article quotes Mississippi College Law School constitutional law professor Matt Steffey a describing the chances of Judge Reeves getting reversed on appeal as ‘unlikely.’

This week I took an informal poll of colleagues (some of whom are Republicans) asking their estimate on the percentage of Republican legislators and state officials (Bryant, Reeves, etc.) who know that 1523 is straight out of Mississippi’s losing Jim Crow era playbook. The general consensus was that about 25% have a clue while the other 75% are morons who think they are being clever.