Arielle Dreher with the Jackson Free Press reported last week that Governor Phil Bryant appealed U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves’ decision blocking HB 1523. In addition to the appeal, Governor Bryant asks Judge Reeves to issue a stay on his preliminary injunction because Bryant is likely to succeed on appeal.

From the article:

Rob McDuff, who is representing more than 10 Mississippians who brought one of the lawsuits, Barber v. Bryant, against the State of Mississippi, said that the State already made all the arguments in Bryant’s memorandum and that Reeves rejected them.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jim Hood is trying to explain reality on the ground:

“This is not the case to get to the Supreme Court to decide, ‘Where is the line with religious liberties?'” Hood told the Friday Forum at Koinonia Coffee House in Jackson. “The reason for the First Amendment is so that we can worship or not, and others can’t impress or force their beliefs on you, and certainly the governor can’t.”

My Take:

Seriously? Someone needs to explain to Gov. Bryant the law behind issuing preliminary injunctions. Judge Reeves has already told you that you are likely to lose. He’s not going to come back now and find the exact opposite.

Please Gov. Bryant, just stop. Go work on bringing that NASCAR track to Mississippi you promised in your first campaign.