News from the HB 1523 front.

Governor Bryant filed two more motions to lose again, this time at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Today the Court granted both Bryant’s motions to lose again by denying his motion for stay pending appeal and motion to expedite the appeal. Here is Order.

Gov. Bryant may think filing a bunch of losing motions somehow helps his case. It doesn’t. It hurts his case. It makes Bryant and his lawyers look like a bunch of wing-nuts. It’s hard to take wing-nuts seriously. What do they say when they get to a real argument: “we mean it this time“?

Not that they have any real arguments.

This brings Bryant’s record in the HB 1523 lawsuit to 0-4. That’s very impressive when you consider that there has only been one substantive ruling in the case and anyone with any sense would only be 0-1 at the same stage of the litigation.

The 2008 Detroit Lions team that went 0-16 is getting nervous.

I thought I was going to hate the HB 1523 litigation, but the Gov’s futility is making it damn entertaining.

Hat tip to Mediumlaw attorney in the comment to this post.