I received a report last week of a $1.3 million verdict in Hinds County in a medical malpractice case. I have been hampered in putting together a report on the verdict because the Complaint predates electronic filing in Hinds County and the judgment and verdict are not on file yet.

The case is Sanders v. Miss. Baptist Medical Center. Other defendants include Brentwood Behavioral Health and Emergency Medical Associates.

Reports are that the jury apportioned Brentwood 90% of the fault and Baptist 10% of the fault. That means the big winner was Emergency Medical Associates and its attorneys Susan Steffey and Walter Johnson from Watkins Eager.

Baptist has already filed a Motion for JNOV. The motion identifies the following components of the verdict:

  • $880,180 – economic damages to decedent’s family
  • $250,000- pain and suffering to decedent’s family
  • $250,000- loss of love society and companionship to decedent’s family.

That totals $1,380,180. There do not appear to be any cap issues with the verdict.

Jason Varnado and Gene Naylor from Wise Carter represented Baptist. Whit Johnson from Currie Johnson represented Brentwood. Dennis Sweet and Jeffrey Graves represented the plaintiffs. Judge Winston Kidd presided.

Update: Here is the Complaint.

  • Pieter T

    Read the motion; considerable effort considering only 10% liability. Would be kind of funny if the court granted the motion for new trial, and then this defendant gets hit for more. Any word on jury demgraphics (no, not just race)?

    • Lord, yes. Pay the $130K and get out (and quit paying lawyers). But it’s easier for me to say that about someone else’s money.

      • Pieter T


        That’s what I was thinking, though your second sentence is the caveat. How much of that $130k is spent on the post-trial motions and appeal? It would seem the difference is negligible. Miss your insight and rants, BTW (from your blog).

        Philip, please keep us informed on how this one unfolds.

  • Mediumlaw attorney

    $130k in Hinds County where your co-defendant gets hit for over a million? Bail, bail, bail. Anything other than satisfying that judgment is a waste of (expensive) attorney’s fees.