“Thank you sir may I have another!”

On Monday U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves denied Governor Phil Bryant’s Motion to Stay preliminary injunction preventing HB 1523 from becoming law. Here is Larrison Campbell’s article on the decision on Mississippi Today and here is the order denying motion to stay.

It was a stupid motion. Judges don’t issue preliminary injunctions and then stay them. They would just not issue the injunction in the first place. It was–literally–just a motion to lose again.

There are some gems in Judge Reeves’ Order. In footnote two he notes that the appellants (Governor Bryant and the head of DHS) and their new lawyers don’t know the facts because they didn’t attend the hearing. He later notes that the appellants didn’t even address one of his Establishment Clause findings.

The opinion concludes:

In this case the public interest is better served by maintaining the status quo–a Mississippi without HB 1523. To the extent the preliminary injunction will help alleviate the damage wrought on this State by an HB 1523-cause economic boycott, moreover, that too supports denying a stay of the injunction.

The motions are denied. The baton is now passed. [to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals].

If I was writing that decision it would have taken me weeks of editing to remove the snarky sarcasm that would have been in my first draft.

It’s on to glory at the Fifth Circuit for Governor Bryant. Look for him to lose several times there, since he likes to file motions to lose again.