On Thursday a federal court jury in Gulfport rendered an $8.5 million verdict in Williams v. Manitowoc Cranes, LLC. The case involved a crane accident in which the plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury. The plaintiffs filed the case in federal court in 2014.

The jury determined that the crane failed to contain adequate warnings of instructions as to the danger of falling counterweights. The jury awarded plaintiff $7 million in economic damages and $1.5 million in non-economic damages.

The verdict was reduced to $3.4 million because the jury apportioned Manitowoc 40% of the fault. The jury apportioned 50% to the employer and 10% to the plaintiff.

Anita Hill with the Sun Herald wrote about the verdict yesterday.

Here is the Complaint.

Here is the Special Verdict Form.

Here is the Final Judgment.

Ben Galloway with Owen and Galloway in Gulfport represented the plaintiff with the assistance of Bryan Comer, Jason McCormick and Desmond Tobias from the Tobias, McCormick & Comer firm in Mobile and Clay Rankin from Fairhope.

Walter Boone and Matthew McDade with Balch & Bingham represented Manitowoc.

District Judge Sul Ozerden presided in the case.

My Take:

By the looks of the docket it was a hard fought case and this was a big win for the plaintiffs in a tough case.

  • Gulf Stream

    That’s a heck of verdict on the Gulf Coast even with the allocation of fault taken into consideration.