On Thursday a unanimous Miss. Supreme Court affirmed a 2014 jury verdict of $644,000 in Murphy v. State of Mississippi.

The plaintiffs alleged that the State took their property for public use without formal condemnation proceedings and without compensating plaintiffs. The State argued that the property in question was public tidelands.

The jury agreed with the plaintiffs and the Court affirmed.

Here is the Court’s opinion.

Here is my 2014 post on the verdict.

Here is an Anita Lee Sun Herald article on the decision. From the article:

The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that a jury’s conclusion was correct: The Murphys should receive $644,000 because the state took their property. With legal fees, court costs, and interest, the Secretary of State’s Office owes the Murphys about $1.2 million.

The Supreme Court concluded the Murphys owned the property because it was a natural beach the state had never maintained or renourished.

Chief Justice Waller wrote the Court’s opinion.

My Take:

Eminent domain is a specialized area that is not in my wheelhouse. But this was apparently not a controversial decision at the Supreme Court because it was unanimous with all nine justices participating.

I read a lot into the fact that a decision is unanimous. Unless I lose. In that case, I read into it that they all got it wrong. Kind of like when I lose unanimous jury verdicts.