In an editorial published on Thursday, the Sun Herald urged Governor Phil Bryant to drop his appeal of District Judge Carlton Reeves’ ruling that HB 1523 (the religious objections law) is unconstitutional.

In addition to urging the Governor to dismiss the appeal, the editorial notes the differences in how the law plays in North Mississippi vs. South Mississippi:

The whole process brought a lot of negative attention to Mississippi, and once again highlights an-all-too-familiar values divide between South Mississippi and North Mississippi.

Pursing this appeal plays well for Bryant in North Mississippi. But in South Mississippi, not so much. People here, we believe, see this for what it is: blatant discrimination that must end.

My Take:
Bryant has had an uneventful term as governor. He will largely be remembered for his stance on this law. And unless he withdraws the appeal, history is not going to remember him kindly.
Just ask segregationist politicians who never had the opportunity to publicly reset their views.