Last week a Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a plaintiff verdict of $6,000 in Slaughter v. Nichols-Cohn. As of Friday, the jury verdict and judgment was not on MEC. Here is the Pretrial Order.

The case involved a car wreck in the employee parking garage adjacent to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. Both parties were employees who parked in the garage. According to the plaintiff, she was backing out of a parking spot when the defendant smashed into her. According to the defendant, the plaintiff “suddenly, and without warning….began backing out.”

Sidebar: Is there any other way to back out? How do you warn that you are going to back out?

The defendants further contended that the collision was unavoidable and that the plaintiff wasn’t hurt.

Sidebar: The argument that the plaintiff wasn’t hurt is known as the ‘faking it’ defense. Defendants deploy this defense in every non-death personal injury case. Even when an injury is admitted, defendants argue that the plaintiff is faking something. In death cases it converts to the ‘something else killed her’ defense. You may think I’m exaggerating when I say it’s argued in every case. I’m not. Although sometimes it’s just insinuated, which is an arguably better way to run the play.

The plaintiff asked for $6,000 in closing and the jury awarded $6,000 with 75% fault to the defendant.

MEC lists Cooper Miles with Schwartz & Associates in Jackson as Plaintiff counsel. Wade Manor with Scott Sullivan and Streetman in Ridgeland represented the defendant.

Circuit Judge Bill Gowan presided.

My Take:

I use the gym at the Club at St. D and am in that garage almost every day. I’m not surprised that there was a collision there. It’s a free-for-all getting out of the garage when the employees are leaving work in the afternoon.