On Thursday a Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a total verdict of $3,108,000 in Crogier v. Heritage Properties. $3 million of the verdict was for pain and suffering, so the total verdict will presumably be reduced to $1,108,000 in the judgment.

The case involved a home invasion at an apartment complex in Jackson. Plaintiff was robbed and shot in the leg during the 10:00 a.m. home invasion. Plaintiff could not use his door’s peep hole before opening the door because it was painted over. The three assailants were never caught.

Plaintiff offered evidence that three men committed a series of attacks and robberies in the 18 days before the incident. There was also evidence of many other robberies and other crimes on the site in the years leading up to the incident. The complex was open in the day, but had security and closed gates at night.

Ashley Ogden and Tyler Royals with Ogden & Associates in Jackson represented the Plaintiff. Johnny Wade and Tammye Brown with Brunini in Jackson represented the defendant. Judge Winston Kidd presided.

My Take:

Sometimes you hear about a big verdict and wonder if defense counsel didn’t do a good job. But Johnny Wade is a good and experienced lawyer, so I doubt that wasn’t an issue here.

Despite the recent run of success that defendants have had in Hinds County lately, it’s still a venue where plaintiffs can get the occasional big verdict.