What better way to observe Presidents’ Day than a report on a jury verdict in a recent sexual harassment trial?

The trial was week before last in Gulfport in the case of Canaski v. Mid-Mississippi Properties. Here is the salacious Complaint.

The three plaintiffs alleged sexual harassment and retaliation by defendants after the defendants bought the Diamondhead sports bar where plaintiffs worked. The jury returned verdicts in the following amounts for the plaintiffs:

  • Jennifer Canaski: $10,000
  • Brittany Piazza: $20,600
  • Pamela Necaise: $6,600.

Total verdict: $37,200. Here is the Final Judgment

Defendants offered $10,000 to settle before trial.

Plaintiffs can now file a motion for attorney’s fees, since this was a Title VII case.

Daniel Wade of Johnson, Ratliff & Waide in Hattiesburg represented the plaintiffs. John Martin with Montgomery and McGraw in Canton represented the defendants. Judge Sul Ozerden presided.

My Take:

I found the Complaint’s allegations quiet shocking. A sports bar in Diamondhead? If had seen that coming when I left the Coast in 1985 I would have stayed.

The closest thing to a sports bar on the Coast back then was going to the Fiesta after Mid-South wrestling at the Coliseum and watching the Fabulous Freebirds stomp a mudhole in some local rednecks. Years later I read that Mid-South owner Cowboy Bill Watts did not ban his wrestlers from fighting locals. Losing a fight to locals, however, would get you fired on the spot.