What would Spring in Mississippi be without moron ‘Confederate Heritage Month?’ Here is the Jackson Free Press’s report on Colonel Governor Bryant’s last minute declaration honoring the most embarrassing thing about Mississippi–that we fought the nation’s bloodiest war to preserve the South’s indefensible institution.

According to the JFP article, the Sons of the Confederate Veterans say: “…The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South’s decision to fight the Second American Revolution.”

Wow. Not only is that wrong, but the opposite is true. The South fought the Civil War to preserve slavery and bondage. It was about depriving people of liberty and freedom.

I know that here in the South it’s part of our culture to say that the war was about state’s rights or other such nonsense. But it’s not true. The ruling merchant and planter class said things like that even back at the time of the war to convince poor folks to take up arms.

The Civil War was about money. It wasn’t about state’s rights or heritage or even racism and white supremacy. The War was fought to preserve the economic order and wealth in the institution of slavery.

Here is an interesting article Measuring Slavery in 2011 Dollars. Key points: (1) in today’s dollars one slave was worth tens of thousands of dollars; and (2) in today’s dollars the Emancipation Proclamation wiped $10 trillion in slave value off the books.

The people who run things in the South don’t want everyone to know why we really fought the Civil War. That was true in 1861 and it’s true in 2017.

We fought the War to protect rich dudes’ money.  And there was such a good job done to conceal it that for most white southerners, the cover-up is the truth.