Let me get this straight. Judge Merrick Garland will resign a lifetime appointment on the premier U.S. Court of Appeals to take a job working for a wingnut who is used to firing at least one contestant employee per week?

If he’s dumb enough to do that, then he didn’t need to be on the Supreme Court.

  • Andrew Neely

    I would want every exhibit ready including, most importantly, a recorded and transcribed video of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Sean Hannity, and Julian Assange all discussing specifically what they were going to do to attempt to tilt the election to Trump. I would obviously need the recorded and transcribed video to be delivered via certified mail to seal the deal. And also a signed agreement (with the seal of a notary public!) among those 4 as to exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. So, if an FBI agent can assure this to Merrick Garland, he should absolutely accept the post, if offered.

  • randywallace

    No way. I would question his sanity if he made that leap.

  • The really sad thing is that several Dems have said this would be a great idea. Smarter Democrats needed, please!

    • Philip Thomas

      That’s an example of why Democrats are bad at politics.