Karen Nelson with the Sun-Herald had an excellent article on a recent $1.25 million verdict in Jackson County. The plaintiff Marvin Henderson was an off-duty highway patrolman who alleged that a dangerous road condition left by two construction companies caused his motorcycle crash and leg amputation.

The jury determined that the plaintiff was 60% at fault, but that still left him with $1.25 million of the total award of over $3.1 million.

Court observers could recall only two larger verdicts in Jackson County history:

.the $1.25 million stands out in this county. Judges recalled a $15 million award in a drilling case and $2 million in a 1996 construction case, both involving death, but those were overturned.

Morgan Holder and Christopher Smith of Gulfport represented the Plaintiff. Clark Hicks and Lane Dossett of Hattiesburg represented the defendants. Judge Robert Krebs presided.

The April edition of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter has additional information on this verdict.