A lot’s happened in the legal world since I last had time to blog.

The U.S. Supreme Court took a lesson from the Miss. Supreme Court’s playbook on joinder. Meanwhile, some non-Mississippi judges on the 5th Circuit locked Mississippi into 50th place upheld HB 1523.

That’s like letting Bama homers decide whether Ole Miss committed NCAA violations. Which is probably what happened.

But I’ll have to return to these serious topics later.

On the lighter side, I just realized something about commercial cases that is weird. Or that makes me weird.

With the qualifier that these statements are in general, I find commercial cases more interesting than personal injury cases. Commercial cases tend to be more unique and less paint-by-the-numbers.

While the damages may not be as high as what you can claim in a PI case, they are easier to get because they are economic damages. Jurors don’t view a commercial case with quite the same skepticism as a PI case. There is a lot of law in play, which leaves more room for the lawyers to make a difference.

But I can’t remember details of commercial cases. I remember details from personal injury cases 25 years ago. I can’t remember the details of commercial cases from 3 years ago. I literally can’t remember what they were fighting over. I remember my client and that I thought it was an interesting case. But I can’t remember the opposing party or what the dispute was.

In another commercial case that I tried (but only for 1 day) maybe 15 years ago, I remember: 1. the judge (it was a bench trial); 2. my client’s face-but not his name; and 3. we lost.

I don’t think I could confirm the identity of the opposing party or what the case was about if you told me.

What I do remember is that it was one of the rare instances where I lost and I thought the decision was reasonable. Like all other lawyers, I usually think the judge/jury got it wrong when I lose.

So how is it possible that a more interesting case is harder to remember than a run-of-the mill PI case? I have some thoughts, but they are all guessing. It’s weird.