With former FBI Director James Comey scheduled to testify before Congress tomorrow, everyone wonders what will happen. Here’s my summary take.

First, Trump was right about one thing. Comey is a showboat. That may be the only thing me and Trump ever agree on.

Sidebar: Trump is a nut. And 70-year old nuts just keep getting nuttier. His presidency is the most entertaining reality show in history. Unfortunately, his foreign policy is scary–and foreign policy is where presidents count most.

I’d like to give ‘W’ a hug and tell him I’m sorry I was so hard on him and I wish he was president instead of Trump. His crack after Trump’s inauguration speech is the funniest thing a former president has ever said.

Second, over the course of the last couple of years, Comey has come off looking like a wingnut. Maybe he’s not a wingnut. But that’s the way he’s come off looking to me.

So my prediction for Thursday: Comey wingnuts it. The day will end with as many questions as it started with. And people will be frustrated with Comey.