Judge Primeaux wrote this week about a case pending before the Mississippi Supreme Court over whether judges can ban guns from their courtrooms.

How can that even be a question? Judges can ban phones, gum, food, shabby clothing and a host of other things from their courtrooms. But not GUNS? Gees.

Here is my post last year on this topic, which generated a lot of comments, including some by attorneys who disagree with me on this issue.

I agree with Judge Primeaux:

Whether to ban guns entirely as the chancellors did in the Fourteenth should be a judgment call by judges on the ground who are familiar with their courthouse situations, the types of cases that they handle, and the people who come before them. In our courthouses there is adequate, well-armed security. If they are ever called upon to draw their weapons to deal with a deadly situation, I would hope that they don’t have to stop to figure out which armed people are the “good guys.” That hesitation could be fatal.

Personally, I already have enough anxiety in court without worrying about getting hit by a stray bullet.