Here is a preview of the June 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $6,504,451 bench verdict- Hinds County Chancery Court (Judge Wise) breach of trust case (4/13/17);
  • $5,947,879 verdict- Gulfport federal court admitted liability airport negligence case [black hawk helicopter damaged jet] (3/14/17);
  • $265,000 verdict/ 42% fault to plaintiff- Harrison County car wreck case (5/3/17);
  • defense verdict- Jackson federal court pregnancy discrimination case (5/17/17); and
  • defense verdict- Madison County slip-and-fall case (5/9/17).

My Take:

I need to get some airport negligence cases. Admitted liability. Two day trial. $6 million. That sounds pretty nice to someone who is lucky to finish a trial in a week.

But the plaintiff was wealthy. I bet they paid the plaintiff lawyers by the hour. So maybe not the big fee the verdict suggests.

I grew up no more than a mile from the tarmac at the Gulfport airport. The air national guard flew so many F-4’s out of the airport that the sounds of F-4’s taking off is the sound I most associate with my childhood. They were really loud.