On June 23, 2017 a Jackson federal court jury returned a defense verdict in Spriggins v. Magnolia Hill, LLC d/b/a Riverwalk Casino Hotel. Here is the 2014 Complaint.

Plaintiff alleged that in 2013, she slipped and fell on water leaking from the salad bar in the casino buffet. Plaintiff cut her thumb, ‘tore her shoulder’ and hurt her back.

The case was tried on June 20-23. The jury determined that plaintiff did not prove that defendant had actual or constructive notice of an unreasonably dangerous condition on its premises. Here is the verdict form.

Here is the Spriggins Judgment.

Ashley Ogden, Tyler Royals and Wendy Looney of Ogden & Associates in Jackson represented the plaintiff.

Roy Smith and Christy Malatesta of Daniel Coker in Jackson represented the casino.

District Judge Henry Wingate presided.

My Take:

A four day trial seems kind of long for a slip-and-fall case.

The fact that casino buffets are a hazard to your health is open and obvious. But if you go, go on Italian night. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Cousin Eddie.