On Saturday a Jasper County jury (Paulding District) rendered a plaintiff verdict in an insurance bad faith claim denial trial in Millsaps v. Allstate Insurance Co.

. The jury’s verdict results in a judgment with the following components:

  • $731,567- dwelling;
  • $185,000- personal property;
  • $36,433- additional living expenses;
  • $17,000- debris removal;
  • $230,000- emotional distress;
  • $100,000- punitive damages;
  • $520,000- attorney’s fees; and
  • $101,248.87- pre-judgment interest.

The total is $1,921,248.87.

Plaintiff’s counsel was Sam McHard and Manion Anderson with McHard, McHard, Anderson & Assoc. in Hattiesburg and Rance Ulmer from Bay Springs.

I did not get a report on defense counsel.

Judge Eddie Bowen presided.

My Take:

The two district composition of Jasper County is controversial in legal circles. Bay Springs is a small town. Paudling is the courthouse and a Coke machine.

The Paulding district is viewed as plaintiff oriented and the Bay Springs district as defense oriented.

The wikipedia page for Jasper County explains why there were originally two county seats. There were two distinct parts of the county in the early 1900’s, but no road connected them until the 1930’s.

The county’s population peaked in 1940 at almost 20,000 and is now under 17,000.

It seems like the county would close one of the courthouses to save costs. But I’ve never heard that was on the table. Not that I’m real plugged-in in Jasper County.