On August 18, 2017 a Grenada County jury returned a defense verdict in Estate of Angle v. Wade.

Plaintiffs alleged the wrongful death of Merle Angle. Mr. Angle presented to the emergency room in November 2012 with significant angioedema (swelling of tongue). It progressed over the next half hour to the point of a lost airway. Plaintiff alleged that the ER physician (Dr. Wade) did not timely perform a crychothyroidotomy, which is a procedure similar to a tracheotomy. Plaintiffs argued that Dr. Wade should have performed this procedure because intubation was not feasible.

Plaintiffs proved $400,000 in economic damages. Plaintiffs requested $750,000 in non-economic damages.

The jury voted 11-1 for Dr. Wade and returned a defense verdict.

Devo Lancaster and Ryan Taylor of Winona represented Plaintiffs. Mike Coleman and Jacob Malatesta of Hagwood Adelman Tipton in Jackson represented Dr. Wade.